Machine Tool Recyclers: Heavy-duty scrap carbide prices; next day payment.

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Machine Tool Recyclers, LLC is a BBB Accredited Scrap Metal Supplier in Largo, FL

Shipping tungsten carbide by truck

How it works:

Day 0: Phone for a price; written confirmation and terms emailed.

Day 1: FedEx truck scheduled for pickup at your convenience; bill of lading and other paperwork emailed or faxed to you.

2 & 3: FedEx picks up and delivers shipment.

Locations west of the Rockies, Canada or Mexico
add a day or two.

We use FedEx Trade Networks to broker your shipment across the border.

Day 4: Contents weighed and inspected.

Day 6: You receive the check in the mail.

Day 7: Slack day, just in case.

Shipment √ list:

  • Heavy duty pallet, easily sufficient for the load.
  • Load centered, balanced and secured.
  • Containers filled below capacity; weight even.
  • Each container’s lid tightly secured.
  • Steel strapped in all three dimensions:
            Around;     Back and forth;     Across
  • FedEx shipping label attached;
  • gross, tare and net clearly marked.

The four buckets below are arranged symmetrically,
each 75% full. The lids are hammered shut.

The buckets have been strapped and shrink wrapped around, (the belt and suspenders theory);

1 dimension.

The buckets have been covered with plywood and strapped across both ways; dimensions 2 and 3.

scrap tungsten carbide for recycling in plastic buckets on a pallet

square plywood on top

so strapping doesn’t slip off

A FedEx shipment is loaded and unloaded several times before it gets to its final destination, It goes through 2 to 4 different terminals along the way, fork-lifted on and off different trailers each time.

Gravity 101: View from the Side

Palletizing a barrel, side view

Palletizing a barrel raises
its center of gravity.

Shipping less than full
lowers the center of gravity

Shipping less than full places less stress on your containers.
No steel drum is UN rated to carry 3000 pounds of scrap carbide.

A full 55 gallon drum on a pallet is top heavy.

Gravity 102: View from the Top

Palletizing a barrel, top view

This box is your pallet from a bird’s eye view.

The black dot is your pallet’s center of gravity.

If the center ever goes outside the box, your pallet rolls over.

A tip of the cap to Click & Clack, the Tappet Brothers, for this explanation.

Low is the way to goLow is the way to go