Hardened Materials

 Stainless, Inconel, Waspaloy, Hastelloy, Rene, Stellite, 17-4 SS, 15-5 SS, 13-8 SS, Titanium

 The "Gorilla Mill"   aggressive machining in all hardened materials.

    • patented (7153067 7367754) variable flute and variable index design
        • "GMP" edge preparation hones away the microscopic ridges in the flute edges——like a barber's strop
              • "GMX-35" coated heat resistant to 1650ºF

The "Phenom"— 5 flute Gorilla endmill on steroids

    • Radius corners for stonger edges and part radius.
        • GMS² nano-composite coating: heat resistant up to 2200ºF



 Engineered to repel aluminum, copper, brass, plastic, and other non-ferrous materials

    • High velocity, high material removal rate. Center cutting.
          • Produced with the patented variable flute & index design, "GMP" edge prep, and highest TRS nanograin substrate

     • ZRN coating is available, but is not necessary for aluminum with less than 5% silicon content
                 Hence the monicker:"Silverback"


Rougher Finishers

  Sasquatch: 2 rougher flutes 2 finishing flutes      Knuckledragger: 4 rougher flutes

      • extremely high material removal rates while maintaining a superb finish in all materials
              • patented variable flute & index design, edge prep, and highest TRS nanograin substrate available
                          • 45º champhered   • GMX-35 coated — heat resistant to 1650ºF


30º / 45º

 "Primate"     straight 30° pitch     2 or 4 flutes     flat, radius & ballnose    completely resharpenable

   • Solid sub-micron carbide; extremely versital in various materials

       • Uncoated or TiN, TiAlN, TiCN coatings

           • Available in special diameters, lengths


New Carbide Endmills

We carry one brand of round tools and one brand of inserts (web pages in process).

Our variable helix, variable pitch, "GorillaMills" are made from the highest transverse rupture strength, nano-grain tungsten carbide substrate available.

These mills are engineered to run at 50 to 150 percent faster through all materials, at a greater chip load, than our very good, Standard sub-micrograin—also made in the USA—mill.

In fact, we present different speed/feed recommendations because of this difference

Several companies manufacture end mills that vary helix and pitch to reduce harmonic vibration. The varying helix and pitch is a patent protected design.

Most of them use a very good design patented by a Japanese company.

Gorilla, however, holds its own US patents. We have found that its improved designs usually produce 5 to 10 percent better performance than the other variable helix/pitch endmils, especially in harder materials like Inconel and titanium.

Carbide Round Tool Catalog: click to your specifications

  Flat Radius Ball-nose Rougher Neck RelievedMetric
< 1/2"
= 1/2"
> 1/2"

1/2" "gorilla" mill; 1018 steel; No coolant. Slotting: 6/10" depth, 600 SFM, .002 chipload/tooth on 4 flutes.

"Big Noise From Winnetka" 1938; written and performed by Bob Haggart, bass/whistling, and Ray Bauduc, drums.