Machine Tool Recyclers: Crème de la crème prices for soft scrap (sludge & swarf) recyclers

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Tungsten carbide grinding sludge:

Can you tell the quality of the carbide soft scrap without sending it to a lab?

No, you cannot.

A niton gun reading is likely to be way off

But because tungsten carbide sludge is so heavy, you can estimate the quality of the carbide sludge by its weight.

Very heavy is very good:
not so heavy is not so good.

Soft scrap quality guesstimater

50 gallons

 <— 55 gallon drum almost full

     2000 lbs = 40 lbs / gallon very good

    1200 lbs = 24 lbs / gallon might be ok,
     depends on moisture and other elements

     600 lbs = 12lbs / gallon not so good;
     water = 8 lbs / gallon

Soft carbide scrap (swarf) recycling—how do you get paid:

Shipping usually brings some of the coolant to the top. We remove this excess top oil before sampling.

When your shipment arrives, core samples are taken and sent to an independent lab for analysis.

This is the proper way, as the heavier--and thus more valuable--material will have settled to the bottom. When the analysis comes back it might read something like:

  • 12.5%   moisture
  • 05.7%   cobalt
  • 19.8%   other elements
  • 74.5%   tungsten

If a drum of your sludge, before analysis, weighed 2,000 lbs, and if — as an example only — our offered price were $10.00/lb tungsten contained we would pay as follows:

  • 2,000# x 87.5%   =   1,750# dry weight (1.000-0.125)
  • 1,750# x 74.5%   =   1,304# tungsten contained (sometimes called "tungsten units)
  • 1,304# x $10.00   =   $13,040 paid (typically in 3 or 4 weeks)

Day 0: Phone for a price; written confirmation and terms emailed.

Day 1: FedEx truck scheduled for pickup at your convenience; bill of lading and other paperwork emailed or faxed to you.

FedEx picks up and delivers shipment.
Locations west of the Rockies, Canada or Mexico add a day or two.
We use FedEx Trade Networks to broker your shipment across the border.

Day 4: Contents weighed and inspected.
Excess oil and coolant removed & weighed
Core samples taken and sent to the lab for analysis

Day 25: Lab analysis back; check mailed

Day 28: You receive the check in the mail.

Be sure to review our guidelines for shipping by truck